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吳芊頤1987年生於台中,從事複合媒材與裝置創作,2014年畢業於國立台南藝術大學造形藝術研究所。關注日常性的社會現象與文化,思考符號本身與其介面的關係,對應當代加工材料膠帶,加以編碼組構,形成獨特語彙的視覺圖像,並使其觀念運作於日常生活中。系列作品『微型百貨』探討網路消費文化的符碼,『窗景的空間詩』呈現台灣黑鐵窗花的庶民美學,透過國內外駐村創作與現地製作的裝置藝術,發展出別具區域性特色的作品。2016年榮獲文化部遴選為Art Taipeiࠕ2016「Made In Taiwan-新人推薦特區」藝術家,參與台灣雙年展(2012,2016),2017年受邀參與台灣FB辦公室創作計劃(FB AIR PROGRAM)將台灣特有的風景化為具共感記憶的裝置呈現。

Chien-Yi Wu was born in Taichung, Taiwan, in 1987. She specializes in mixed-media and installation creation. She graduated from the Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts at Tainan National University of Arts, 2014. Her works focus on daily social phenomena and culture, and the relationship between symbols and their interfaces. She encodes and assembles modern processing tapes and applies the concept into her everyday life. Her series of works include the Mini Store Project which explores the symbols of consumer culture on the Internet and The Window View series, which presents the aesthetics of common people through old Taiwanese grille window patterns. By participating in worldwide artist-in-residence programs, and through on-site installation art production, she has developed her unique regional style of work. She was selected, among other artists, by the Ministry of Culture to participate in Art Taipei 2016 –MIT: Young Artist Discovery, and was chosen for the Taiwan Biennial in 2012 and 2016. In 2017, she was invited to work on the FB Air Program, in which she displayed a unique common memory of Taiwanese scenery with her art collage in Facebook’s Taiwan head office.