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Yu-Cheng Hsieh was born in 1992 in Yilan, Taiwan. He is currently studying for his Master of Fine Arts with a major in Media Art in the New Media Art Department of Taipei National University of Arts. His artworks specialize in mixed media and spatial installations, involving neon paint, and the visual experience of optical illusion in his more recent works. By focusing on virtuality/reality and the possibilities of ways of seeing, Hsieh explores the dialectical relationship of the subject between illuminator and image. Yu-Cheng Hsieh was awarded a Silver Medal at the National Art Exhibition 2016 in the New Media Art Category, and was selected for the S-An Art Award 2016 for Plastic Arts, and the Taoyuan Creation Award 2015. He also exhibited at ELIA – NEUNOW in Europe in 2016-2017.