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出生於台灣台北,法國國立高等布魯日藝術學院,國家高等造型表達藝術碩士文憑。2011-12參與法國巴黎高等裝飾藝術學院,藝術家研究後文憑,長期以新媒體、跨域複合媒體當代藝術等為主要創作,作品活躍國內外藝術節和展覽(法、德、美、新加坡、中國...),唯一作品三度獲選收錄法德電視台的台灣藝術家(ARTE Video Night),於ARTE電視台播出,緊接著又於法國土魯茲國家電影資料館、巴黎數位文化媒體藝術中心和巴黎東京宮展出。2017日本首次個展登上日本NHK和RSK(山陽放送)TV。2011獲選文建會MIT 新銳藝術家,作品多次獲國立台灣美術館青年藝術家作品購藏和文化部ArtBank藝術銀行典藏。

Shu-Jung Chao is an interdisciplinary artist. Her works focus on the ideas behind fundamental human experiences, such as memory, travelling, culture/language and aspects of consciousness, as well as “globalization” issues in the public sphere. In 2009, Shu-Jung graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. In 2011-12, she participated in the Post-graduate programme at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratif de Paris.

In addition to participating in several international art festivals and exhibitions (in France, Germany, USA, Singapore and China), Shu-Jung is the only Taiwanese artist whose work was selected by the French-German Arts and Culture TV (ARTE Video Night), broadcast on ARTE, the Cinematheque of Toulouse, the Digital Culture Art Center in Paris (La Gaîté Lyrique ) and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. In 2017, her first solo exhibition in Japan Sound! Soundings!! was broadcast on NHK and RSK TV. In 2011, she was selected for Taiwan’s Emerging Artists by the Ministry of Culture (Made in Taiwan - Young Artist Discovery). Several of her works have also been added to the collection of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and ArtBank, supported by the Ministry of Culture.