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劉文奇、許庭華  (團體創作)

劉文奇、許庭華 (團體創作)

許庭華1993年出生於台灣高雄,現生活於台北及花蓮。就讀世新大學廣播電視電影創作組碩士班,主要接觸影像製作跟電影理論。大學時期畢制短片《午夜呢喃》曾獲 「放視大賞」優選、「青春有影 微電影大學杯」 佳作。曾於「達達電視電影公司」擔任創意企劃。現忙於「原視」短片《摩武達》製作,擔任副導演創作主要嘗試跳脫既有形式,改變常規,接觸不同類別的影像類型。主題多為人的關係,內心的轉變及自身的形象定義。

Ting-hua Hsu was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1993, and currently resides in Taipei and Hualien. He now studies on the Master’s Program of the Department of Radio, Television and Film at Shih Hsin University, focusing mainly on video production and the theories of cinematography. His graduation project in college, Whisper, received a merit award from the Vision Get Wild Exhibition and an honorable mention from the University Short Film Competition. Hsu formerly worked as a creative manager at Dada Television and Film Company, and he is now the assistant director of Taiwan Indigenous TV’s short film Mo Wu Da. Hsu attempts to break through the usual formats by being exposed to different genres of film, and the themes he investigates revolve around interpersonal relationships, transition of the mind, and the search for self-identity.



Wen-qi Liu was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1993, and grew up in Hualien, Taiwan. He currently resides in Taipei. Liu graduated from the Department of Theatrical Design and Technology at Taipei National University of the Arts. He now studies on the Master’s Program of the Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts at National Taiwan University of Arts. His research focuses on sound effects and acoustics design. Liu has participated in a variety of theater music and sound effects productions, such as the 2017 Taipei Fringe Festival productions Undies and Male Dormitory, the former of which received an honorable mention and the latter earned the acclaim of “the drama within drama”. He wishes to take theater, the most historic of art forms, as his starting point and incorporate other elements of art into the performance space.