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潘勁|Jin Pan

潘勁|Jin Pan


Born in Penghu County Taiwan in 1993, Pan graduated from Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts in National Taiwan University of Arts. His new media artworks have been exhibited in National Art Exhibition 2019 in Taiwan and New Taipei City Fine Arts Exhibition in 2018. He has won the prize of National Art Exhibition in 2019 and ‘S-An Aesthetic Prize’ in 2018. He was also honorably mentioned in Keelung Fine Arts Exhibition in 2018.
Pan’s artworks focus on the association with his family, his current residence, and the shift of current time and space by viewing abandoned ships, graveyards, and ruins. Through the manifestation of new media art, these objects and scenes shows a bewildering distance and conveys the sense of déjà vu to audience. The images shuttle back and forth between past, present, and future. The images reflect the reality has been drawn in an irresistible flow and regressed to a wasteland.