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張靜雯|Ching-wen Chang

張靜雯|Ching-wen Chang

1979年出生於臺灣,東海大學美術系研究所畢業,現在旅居東京,目前就讀於多摩美術大學研究所日本畫科,2020年即將畢業。作品曾獲第37回上野之森美術館大賞展入選(2019),ART OLYMPIA 2019 準佳作(2019),藏與現代美術展國際公募展(2019),神奈川縣美術展準大賞(2018)等日本現代藝術獎項肯定。2014年作品也榮獲藝術銀行典藏。
作品以和紙,墨 ,水干,岩繪具等媒材,描繪無幾質的風景,表達現代人的孤獨 ,疏離, 記憶等日常生活寫照。作品經常以公寓窗戶為主題,「窗戶」代表著招喚人們的出口與入口,訴說著一個一個的故事。記憶、孤獨、不安等情感也凝縮在每一個窗戶之中。

Ching-wen Chang was born in Taiwan in 1979. She is currently living in Tokyo and studying her master’s degree in Japanese Painting at Tampa Art University. Zhang has been awarded several times, including ‘The 37th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition’ in 2019 and ‘The Kura and Contemporary Art Exhibition 54th Kanagawaken Art award’ in 2019 (1st runner up). Her art work is also collected and displayed in ‘Art Bank.’
She is good at using inks and Japanese traditional papers to express the lonely isolation and memories of modern people in daily life. The theme of her works is often related to apartment’s windows. Each window not only tells different stories and memories but also embodies the complicated emotions, such as loneliness and uneasiness.