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林盈秀|Ying-hsiu Lin

林盈秀|Ying-hsiu Lin

出生於嘉義,在北中南漫遊生活,體認生命的本真,並且不斷辯證於個人與外在世界的多元感知。進修於臺南藝術大學藝術創作理論研究所博士班,兼任授課於大學及藝術講座等。作品《山經》、《天體—叢》典藏於藝術銀行,獲獎紀錄包含: 「2020臺南新藝獎」、2019 年「中信新銳美術獎」優選,2017 年「桃源創作獎」入圍,參與2016 年「高雄漾藝術博覽會」,並作品獲私人收藏。

Born in Chiayi, Ying-hsiu Lin lives across Taiwan and experiences the truth of life. She continues her academic pursuit in the Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory Tainan National University of the Arts. She never ceases the dialectical between self and external world’s dynamic perception. Now she teaches in a university and gives art lecture from time to time. Her works—both Classic of Mountains and The Celestial Unity—have been collected in ‘Art Bank’ in Taiwan. She won the prize of CTBC Arts Award in 2019, Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award in 2017, and Kaohsiung Young Art in 2016. Also, her works are in the private collection.
She has concerned about the new possibilities of abstract expression in ink painting. She also focuses on the paradox, beauty, and conflict of life multiplicity. She explores the possible dimension of continuous transformation between A and B by weaving the diverse abstract lexicons and multi-perspective time and space, which is the creative logic of the “interval.” Meanwhile, reflecting on the subtle and original energy in life, she employs the infinitesimal spiritual strokes as the leitmotiv to agglomerate and disclose the weight and strength in life. Her oeuvre also echoes the laws of the universe, deduces cultivation theory, and creates diverse and different new natural landscapes.