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黃翰柏|Han-po Huang

黃翰柏|Han-po Huang

1988 年生於高雄,國立臺灣藝術大學新媒體藝術研究所碩士。曾獲2019年「基隆美展」攝影與新媒體藝術類-基隆獎,與2020年「《藝術跨域創作案》時光天井電視牆」得主等肯定。

Born in 1988 Kaohsiung, Huang was graduated from MFA in New Media Art of National Taiwan University of Arts. From the perspective of video art and new media art discussion, Huang tries to raise questions about human’s modern city living environment and critical thinking from contemporary cultural geography viewpoint through his own feelings and observation on surrounding environment. The creative questions that deserve consideration include how to present the cultural and geographic viewpoints through video art expression and how to apply the video and new media art on the content of new media projection for cities renovation and other social issues.
The innovative research focuses on the relationship between cultural geography and historical geography. By means of aerial photography, he defines the view in a high angle perspective which overturns the old perspective. Through the scenarios that combine the video art and light craving projection, the artist further discusses the links between human beings’ living space and city memory. In the photography technique, he utilizes a panoramic view for presenting different viewpoints of city systems and displaying the regularity of modern city and the interdependence between the visible and invisible system. This creation is intended to record the links among cities; especially in the time when city channel has become the important network of how people interact with each other. Using images of city, bridges, roundabouts, and roads as materials, the artist presents the whole view by video and new media creation methods. Through the altered images and the spatial installation’s projection, he tries to think in a critical perspective about the surroundings.