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陳姿尹|Zi-yin Chen

陳姿尹|Zi-yin Chen

1995年出生於臺北,現就讀於國立臺北藝術大學新媒體藝術學系研究所。獲獎紀錄包括: 2018年「南瀛獎」首獎、2018年「臺灣美術新貌獎」入選、2017年「世安美學獎」入選等。
藝術家《Texturing the moon 一顆球體》這件作品以3D建模開頭,仿科普解釋月球。接續Google地圖月球影像,使前後產生混淆。鏡頭拉近,出現縫隙沿破圖移動。聲音為虛構建模軟體教學,敘述如何製作擬真月球。語句中,正式卻又充滿作者對宇宙的想像。Google地圖裡,遠距離觀看月球,是寫實的月球。放大拉近看,月表出現裂痕。破綻警惕觀者,觀看世界的方式是被建構出來的。科學探討的真實,使藝術家重新梳理對宇宙的認知,不再僅是身體感知,難懂又疏離。

Born in Taipei in 1995, Chen is currently studying in New Media Art MFA of Taipei National University of Arts. Chen focuses on images and installations combining with space, light, and sound. She frequently uses scientific images provided by ‘ISS’ as well as her own imaginations toward the great unknown in universe. A question she has raised toward the reality is, “Can one truly understand the world with how we feel about it?”
The video Texturing the moon starts with a 3D model scene emulating a scientific podcast explaining the moon. Then, it continues to show the moon surface by using Google maps, which confuses the audience. The camera zooms in and moves along with the edges. The voice is an imaginary tutorial explaining how to make a vivid moon. The tone of the voice is formal while mixed with the author’s imagination of space. In Google Maps, if you look at the moon in distance, you would find it realistic. However, when you zoom in, you would find there are stitching edges emerging from the surface. They remind audiences that the way we observe the world is fabricated. The reality constructed by sciences makes the conception of universe difficult and distant to the artists.