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張郁田|Yu-tien Chang

張郁田|Yu-tien Chang

1990年生於臺北,畢業於國立臺灣藝術大學雕塑系學士,紐約市立部魯克林大學Studio Art碩士。他的作品以雕塑為主,往返臺灣及美國進行創作,作品亦曾在許多國家曝光,例如紐約的 Salmagundi art club、 Smack Mellon Gallery、 Amerasia Gallery、莫非斯堡的Todd art gallery、荷蘭阿姆斯特丹的Go gallery、德國的Anna25 Gallery,以及臺灣的Helios Gallery。 其雕塑創作也可見於網路平臺與藝文雜誌,例如 Focus藝術雜誌,Art FUSE,以及One Art Taipei藝術博覽會。
張郁田的創作理念出自於日常生活中的職業選擇,以及社會和家庭對我們的期望。 他特別著迷於評估屈服於這些期望的結果與我們應對它們的方式, 就他個人而言,他感到受困,無能為力和被綁架,唯恐自身的未來以及憂慮我們社會前進的方向。
藝術家透過作品檢驗這些根深蒂固的恐懼,並以動物為隱喻,說明人類在當今社會中是如何與人互動,這是文化上的影響,也是國家賦予人民的定義。他的雕塑展示了我們的生活與動物的行為如何相互呼應。在西方,電影、漫畫和卡通作品在視覺上都有先例,這也讓他的創作語言與批判切角能更加讓一般大眾所理解。 藝術家於創作中試圖傳達他的焦慮,他擔心,就像動物一樣,我們不再能掌握自己的命運。

Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1990, Yu-tien Chang received his B.F.A in Sculpture Department from National Taiwan University of Art and M.F.A in Studio Art Program at Brooklyn College. His sculptures have been exhibited in many countries, such as the ‘Salmagundi art club,’ ‘Smack Mellon Gallery,’ ‘Amerasia Gallery’ in New York, ‘Todd art gallery’ in Murfreesboro, ‘Go gallery’ in Amsterdam, ‘Anna25 Gallery’ in Germany, and ‘Helios Gallery’ in Taiwan. His sculptures also appear in various online and printed publications, such as ‘Focus magazine,’ ‘Art FUSE,’ and ‘One art Taipei Art Fair.’
Chang is interested in examining the expectations that are placed on people by society and families while making life choices and selecting careers. He is specifically attracted to evaluate the consequences of succumbing to these expectations and the way to cope with them. Personally, he feels trapped, powerless, and strangled; and he continually worries about his future and the direction in which our society is progressing.
His work examines these deep-seated fears through using animals as a metaphor for illustrating how humans interact with each other today, which is profoundly affected by culture. His sculpture shows how our behaviors align with animals. In the West, there is a visual precedent for this alignment in movies, comics, and cartoons, which helps making his critique more universally accessible. He worries that we are no longer in control of our own destiny just as animals.