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李小鏡|Xiao-jin Lee

李小鏡|Xiao-jin Lee

首先以相機將人物拍成肖像,再把圖像輸入電腦,李小鏡將眾生猶自無定的蛻變,逼出半人半獸一般的造型。 他並以適切的題目為這些系列作品命名為; 十二生肖(Manimals)、審判(Judgment)、 108 眾生像(108 Windows) 、源(Origin)、夜生活(Nightlife)、成果(Harvest)、叢林(Jungle)、夢(Dreams)及馬戲團(Circus)。這些作品自 1993 年起, 先後於紐約 O.K. 哈里斯畫廊(O.K. Harris Works of Art)展出,及時吸引了 PBS 及 BBC電視臺,紐約時報(New York Times)、 美國攝影雜誌(American Photo)、 Zoom、 Art Life、 Creative Technology 等雜誌的注意。 接著在法國、義大利、英國、日本、臺灣、葡萄牙、加拿大、德國、中國、韓國、澳大利亞、瑞典、俄羅斯以及美國各地美術館和藝廊,路續的展出這些系列作品。
李小鏡的「十二生肖」,採用了中國傳統屬性為題材。在「審判」與「108 眾生像」裡則用了佛家輪迴的理念。另一方面, 他亦朊膺達爾文的進化論及科技申展,可以從「源」、「夜生活」 與 「成果」這幾件作品所探討的主題看出其中關聯。李小鏡曾應邀為美國哈佛大學、瑪利蘭藝術學院、 紐約 Syracuse 大學、紐約時裝學院、北京中央工藝美院、上海大學美術學院、臺灣成功大學演講及臺中東海大學客座。他的作品並被編入包括美國耶魯、西北、華盛頓、英國牛津, 利物浦等大學出版的藝術教科書及刊物。

Lee was born in Chongqing, China in 1945 and raised in Taiwan. He moved to United States after he received his BFA in painting from College of Chinese Culture. Then he got his MA degree in Photography and Film from Philadelphia College of Art and worked as an Art Director in New York until the late seventies, at which point he became a photographer. Within one and a half decades, he had been a fashion and documentary photographer. Since 1993, computer technology allowed him to combine his various drawing, photography, and fine art skills in one medium.
Lee’s work has been shown internationally in solo exhibitions at O.K. Harris Works of Art in New York from 1993 to 2009, the East Gallery in Taipei from 2005 to 2010, Nichido Contemporary Art in Tokyo from 2004 to 2008, and CCB Center in Lisbon in 1999. Also, both of his works, 108 Windows and Origin, have been shown in the 2003 Biennale of Venice, Ars Electronica in Austria in 2005, and Biennale of Electronic Art in Australia in 2007. Besides, his photographs are also included in public and private collections such as the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York, the Shanghai Art Museum, the National Museum of Art in Taiwan, the New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts, Landes Museum in Austria, Busan Museum of Art in Korea, Wellcome Collection in London, White Rabbit Collection in Australia, and Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm.
Lee’s work, 12 Animals has used Chinese traditional stories as materials. In Judgement and 108 Windows, he applied the concept of reincarnation in Buddhism. On the other hand, connections between the discussed theme of Origin, Nightlife, and Harvest and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and technology can be found. Lee has lectured at the Fogg Art Museum of Harvard University in 2005, Maryland Institute College of Art in 1997, Ithaca College in New York in 1998, the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York in 1990, the Beijing Central Art Institute in 1986, and the Art School of Shanghai University in 1984.