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裘安 蒲梅爾|Joan Pomero

裘安 蒲梅爾|Joan Pomero


Born in Bernay, France in 1971, Joan graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1996. In 1999, she decided to settle in Taiwan, and currently teaches at the Institute of Visual Arts at the National University of the Arts in Tainan.
Enthused by the French and Italian avant-gardes of graphics and design of the 80s, she began to draw and create objects which try to question their functions but also which let appear a progression between the raw material and its shaping. The body, the representation of its physicality, gradually becomes a center of her research.
Sensitive to alternative spaces as new areas of artistic experimentation, Joan has participated very early in projects mounted in brownfield sites or in atypical places. These experiences made it possible to integrate the importance of positioning her work, to open it to the multiple histories and levels of constraint of these sites. These points will prove to be decisive in the context of artistic and environmental awareness-raising activities with local communities.
The 921 earthquake provoked a deep crisis in her creation, making her more concentrated after this date on sculpture as a place of creation and destruction, of physical engagement where fragility, desire, body constraints can be expressed. The diversity of the materials has responded each time to the need to give a specific body to a specific questioning. She often chooses them for their ephemeral, fragile, malleable quality.
Joan’s work does not show the permanence of a form but becomes an intermediate body under the influences, a sort of receptacle revealing actions and the secretions of these actions over time. She regularly used reproduction, molding, as processes that to question the origin and identity of her forms. They lose their condition of uniqueness while gaining qualities of transmissibility.