參差的平行 Uneven Parallel
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參差的平行 Uneven Parallel



「2020臺南新藝獎」策展以《參差的平行》為名,參差取自《詩經.關雎》中的名句:「參差荇菜,左右流之」,引用了張愛玲「參差對照」的美學觀點,取其「相生相成」、「疊合歧出」、「對映互涉」之意。策展集結十名臺南新藝獎新銳得主與邀請來自臺灣、法國、日本的藝術家,以「1+1」的方式,跨不同世代與文化背景的當代藝術家共同展出,類型包括繪畫、雕塑、複合媒體與新媒體結合空間裝置、In Situ 等多元形式展出,透過媒合臺南十個展覽空間進行對話與交流,不僅藉此探索個人記憶與時空的關係,記憶的片段也重組新的閱讀可能,包括了傳統與現代的延異(Différance)、記憶與未來的想像、生命經驗與歷史的對話、現世喧鬧與孤獨以及各種情境的摺疊。

《參差的平行》在觀者的參與下將影響觀察現象,試圖建立主體與另一主體間的對話關係;同時邀請觀眾,「位移」作為此次探索十個展覽、場外連結擴展出的In Situ與一個會外展的方法;觀眾在臺南參與具有特性的移動,將可能與展出者共構平行世界中的多元理解、觀察、記錄與書寫。「2020臺南新藝獎」藉由參差的多重涵義,試圖呈現從微觀到宏觀、從整體到片段、從心靈到物質之間的連結關係,而非兩種事物的截然對立,期待將差異共存且不排他的互為主體經驗,經由影像、繪畫、材質的轉化,書寫出空間或是物質間相互對照的層次感,藉此給予周圍現實的一些想像與啟示。


Uneven Parallel

Curator: Hwei-lan Chang

The theme of the ‘2020 Next Art Tainan Awards’ Uneven Parallel is named from a verse, “Uneven amaranths flowing on the water, and I only search for the one I want,” in Guan Ju – a poem in the famous ancient anthology, Shi Jing (Classic of Poetry). The verse implicates searching the best and most suitable thing for a person. The naming also combines themes from author Ai-ling Chang’s aesthetic viewpoint “uneven contrast” – symbiosis, layering, and contrast. 

The exhibition invites winners of the ‘Next Art Tainan Awards’ and artists of different generations and cultural backgrounds from Taiwan, France, and Japan, to present their artworks. The artworks, including paintings, sculptures, mixed media, new media, are displayed diversely through space installations and “In Situ”. By gathering 10 exhibition venues in Tainan to converse and interact, personal memories and their relations with time and space are explored. Fractions of memories also reorganize the new possibilities of reading, including “Différance” between tradition and modernism, memories and imagination of the future, conversations between life experiences and history, the hustle and loneliness of the modern day, and layers of all kinds of circumstances.

This exhibition Uneven Parallel, with the participation of the audience, will influence the observation phenomena while attempting to construct the conversing relationship between two subjects. At the same time, the audience is invited to use “displacement” as their method to explore these ten exhibitions, external extensive “In Situ” displays, and an individual exhibition. By taking part in distinctive movements in Tainan, along with the exhibitors, the audience can construct a parallel universe with diverse understanding, observation, record and writing.

The ‘2020 Next Art Tainan Awards’ will use the multiple interpretations of “Uneven” to present the connecting relationships between a microscopic scale to an enormous one, entirety to fragment, and soul to existing matter, instead of two complete opposites. We hope to offer an experience of being the subjects mutually, accepting differences and being inclusive. Also, through the conversion of images, paintings, and materials, the contrasted layering of space and material is depicted, offering imagination and inspiration to the surrounding reality.